Extraordinary General Meeting: Appointment of Trustees

An Extraordinary General Meeting of the club will be held at 7.00 pm on Thursday 1 February at the Bat and Ball, Broadhalfpenny Down.

The purpose of the meeting is to propose the appointment of three new Trustees to replace two trustees who wish to stand down, and to keep the total number up to the minimum number (4) required by the Club’s constitution.

The resolution is as follows:

To re-appoint the Chairman Mark Le Clercq; to remove current Trustees Jane Shinn and Tony Smith; and to appoint the Secretary Seb Duggan, the Honorary Treasurer Imogen Restell and committee member Jamie Lewis as Trustees.

The background to this is that, in order to secure the grant from Sport England for the newly re-laid wickets 10 years ago, Sport England required a charge over the Club’s freehold property and in order to achieve this it was necessary for the Club’s title to be registered at the Land Registry. For legal reasons the land had to be registered in the name of four Club’s Trustees. One has since died, and two of the three existing trustees, Jane Shinn and Tony Smith have asked to stand down. Therefore it is necessary to appoint new Trustees in whose name the land will be registered.

Please let me know if you are planning to attend, as we need to ensure we have the minimum quorum of 12 voting members as laid down in the club's constitution.

Seb Duggan
25 Jan 2024