Poetic win for Hambledon

Dan Hewitt celebrated Hambledon's triumph over Andover in Southern Electric Premier League division one by penning a poem.

The Dons skipper wrote...

This will not be my longest match day prose, So poetry will be my report on overcoming foes.
Having lost the bat and put in the field, Andover excited for the runs they may yield.
Drinks came in and they were 72 for one, Quite content with the platform they had begun.
Turns, Atko and Roscoe's blows were killer, As on came the Hambledon spin flotilla.
Turn, guise and skill in each of the deliveries, Saw Andover 140 all out and on their knees.
So Jimbo and JCW to the crease, Their heads screwed on to say the lease.
Serving cut with pull, drive and blocks, They turned the key and locked the locks.
As they saw off 140 for no loss, We all knew that Hambledon are the boss.