Colts Awards Evening a success

The annual colts’ awards were successfully held at Ridge Meadow on 2nd September in glorious evening sunshine. Over 200 people attended to celebrate another fruitful season. All eight colts teams finished in the top three in their leagues, with the talented U11As receiving their South East Hants champions’ trophies and the U9s receiving the Zooters Cup. Chris Stone kindly presented the awards.

The evening began with a bowling competition in the nets and a boot throwing competition in the outfield. The bar and BBQ had their busiest evening of the year, and the popularity of the raffle was boosted by a bat signed by Kevin Pieterson. Many thanks to all who helped make the evening a success.

For the record the award winners were:

Best Batsmen: C.Clarke (U9A), O.Tinson (U9B), H.Glanfield (U11A), T.Coyle (U11B), C.Boyd (U13A), D.Richardson (U13B), E.Lewis (U15A), O.Atkinson (U15B).

Best Bowler: E.Mann (U9A), M.Harvey (U9B), T.Toogood (U11A), D.Allinson (U11B), F.Rockett (U13A), A.Kempster (U13B), S.LeClercq (U15A), W.Whiting (U15B).

Best Fielder: M.Houlberg (U9A), J.Lumby (U9B), J,Thistlethwayte (U11A), J.Wise (U11B), R.Morris (U13A), S.Phillips (U13B), I.Farrell (U15B).

Spirit of Cricket: E.Moger (U9A), L.Paxton (U9B), G.Mullins (U11A), A,Hillman (U11B), T.Coleman (U13A), J.Hammond (U13B), G.Harding (U15A), N.Goldring (U15B).

Colt of Year: J.Wise (U9A), J.Bristowe (U9B), F.Martin (U11A), A.Bennett (U11B), H.Richards (U13A), S.Tagg (U13B), R.Prentice (U15A), R.Morris (U15B).