The Fantasy League transfer window is now open!

This weekend marks the half-way point of the league season, and Joel Lewis is starting to open up a lead at the top of the Fantasy League – but he can still be caught! And only a small number of points separates the next 9 teams...

For the next couple of weeks (until Wednesday 10 July) the Fantasy Transfer Window will be open, so you can correct any mistakes you made when first picking your squad, or replace the players who are not performing for you. Just go along to your usual team selection page, via My Account, and you’ll see a button taking you to the transfer page.

The rules are simple: you can make one transfer of up to 6 players from your squad, and your new squad will become active immediately. Note that you will probably need to select a new playing XI too, as your current one will most likely not be valid any more (you’ll be prompted to do this when you save your transfers).

You will also find a dozen or so new players added to the league for you to choose from – a total of 87 players are now available.

Finally, you will now find, listed on each week’s Fantasy Standings page, the best possible team you could have chosen that week. Nobody has yet got close to picking the perfect team; I’m thinking that the £10 prize for doing so may be a little undervalued!