Memberships now available online

The club’s membership system has finally made it into the digital age! You can now sign up for the season for yourself and your children here on the website.

To get started, go to the Membership page, where you will see a summary of the 2023 fees, and click on the big “Add and manage membership(s)” button. This will ask you to sign in or create a new account (nobody has an account yet, so you’ll need to create one).

Accounts on the website are for members aged 18 and over. For members under 18, a parent or guardian will need to create an account in order to register their child or children. Members up to the age of 21 may still be registered by a parent or guardian (this is required to take advantage of any multi-child discounts).

Once you are logged in, the Manage membership page will give you the option to add a membership for yourself (if you are a playing member), or to add children to your account – or both, if applicable. If you are simply registering for children, you only need to fill in the junior registration form.

Once you have filled in the information requested on whichever form you have chosen, you will have the option to add more memberships before paying; then click on the pay button. You can pay by credit or debit card, or by Apple Pay or Google Pay if your device allows. And once you’ve paid, you’ll receive an email confirming your payment and membership.

Everything should smoothly; but it’s a new system so there is always the chance of something unforeseen happening. If you run into any problems, please drop me a message and I’ll look into the issue...