Appeal for players to register with Play-Cricket!

Now that results for all our league games are submitted to Play-Cricket, and we are doing an increasing amount of scoring using the Play-Cricket Scorer app, the ECB are encouraging as many club players as possible to get registered on the Play-Cricket website.

This has benefits for the ECB, of course, but also for us as a club (makes it easier for us to manage the scoring and keep everything consistent) and for players as individuals (you can create a link between your cricket at Hambledon, and performances in the past or future at other clubs, should you ever leave...).

To get registered, go to our Play-Cricket site and click on Sign in at the top right. If you already have an ECB user account, log in with that and you'll be taken back to the Hambledon site; if not, click on the Register button below the login form and you'll be walked through signing up.

Once you're back at the Hambledon page, click on the User account icon at the top right and choose Join this site*. That's it - we'll then approve your membership of the site ASAP, and you may get a confirmation email (I'm not sure).

Thanks in advance - I hope to see registration requests from lots of you!

* If you don't see that link, it probably means you're one of the 20 or so who are already registered.