1s in cruise control against Hursley

Ian Turner won the toss and the Dons went into bat. On a decent track Collings Wells raced out the blocks before finding yet another way to get out in the 30s, this time chopping on a short and wide delivery. Humphrey and Marshall then batted for a long time. A very long time. The overs ticked along and the two were still at the crease, this was some serious occupation. Marshall was caught long on for 30 before Humphrey decided to miss a full toss and was bowled. With wickets in hand the dons tried to up the rate, with Pongolo running well and new player Jack Lavous finding extra gears on his way to a run a ball 40, even hitting a straight six! The lower order fell away around Lavous and the dons lost three wickets in the last over to leave them at 219-9 at the interval. Perhaps slightly below par, however runs on the board meant Hursley would have to bat well.

Tea definately had its high points, with an exceptional warm quiche as well as scotch pancakes and a sponge cake. However, the sandwiches didn't offer a great selection. Still, the strength of the quiche ensures a solid 6/10.

The Dons came out to bowl to a side in a hurry. The openers were savage on Dan Hewitt, smashing his first spell until one misjudged hack led to a spread eagle pluck by catching enthusiast John Barrett. Pongolo then saw off the other opener LBW. Mark Woodman put the dons firmly in control with a further wicket. Hursley continued to play their shots, and Pongolo snared their number four with a hopeless flap outside off the smashed into CW's finger at slip, and was caught on the rebound. Clearly upset at not being able to bring home the bacon for his side, he then took another swipe after dismissal, this time at James Marshall. Hewitt and Turner then tore through the middle and lower order with some sharp catching as well as skill full bowling. Hewitt finished on 4 wickets, a good recovery after an everything must go slot of a first spell. Pongolo finished off with a shaky catch by Kyle Shinn, and the dons were victorious for the third time in a row. A decent display by the dons, who seem to have at last found a winning habit.